New Features Tiger Woods 14 Career Mode; Early Season Ticket Access Period Nearing

Posted March 20th, 2013 at 8:00 am


With the game releasing in just a week, the demo having been out for two, and an early opportunity to play only days away, there isn’t a whole lot more to be learned about Tiger Woods 14. Regardless EA Sports has released a new blog centered on what to expect out of career mode. That includes mention of the new LPGA path, incorporating all four majors for the first time, and feature introductions like the ability to set tee times and the money leaderboard – the info is also accompanied by screenshots.

An early chance to play Tiger 14 will be available when the game goes live through the Season Ticket subscription program on Friday. The Season Ticket provides three days of early access to a downloaded retail version and 20% off DLC (though trouble with that arose on the PS3 last year) for $25 a year and applies to five different sports titles.