Patch for Tiger Woods 14 Nearing Release

Posted April 11th, 2013 at 6:30 pm


In a post on the official forums for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 producer Sean Wilson has confirmed that the first significant patch for the game was set for submission to first party certification late this week. Generally once in the hands of Microsoft and Sony the process takes 10-14 days. It’s possible that it could be out next week but far more likely to be the week after.

The patch-in-process details were first posted two weeks ago but since then a few additions have made their way in. Continue on for the complete list as it stands now.

•Fix for H2H online issue where players get incorrect stats after completing event (including DNFs, etc…)
•Fix for Legends of the Majors multiple part challenges not working in rare instances.
•Fix to move aiming spin back to right stick if right stick is your hit stick
•Restored original follow camera for putting
•Fix the camera button from defaulting back to regular view when changing holes
•Fix for H2H cameras so they no longer pull back after a ball comes to a rest
•Fix for H2H opponent cameras not tracking the ball and instead staying behind the user
•Fix for Country Club stat “Double Eagle” always displaying “0”
•Fix for some Country Club stats not tracking correctly
•Fix for wrong stats in info module on the event select screen for events that have closed in Connected Tournaments.
•Fix for some career stats not matching front-end stats correctly
•Fix for some career stats that show incorrect information
•Fix for issue where country flags are incorrectly showing on club world ranking in-game banners
•Fix for shot preview arc not drawing completely when using shot preview pin
•Fix Strike Meter to always be ‘sticky’ for Move players
•Fix for Loyalty Bonus timer (currently display days, will be hours)
•Fix for user’s score not displaying in the front-end leaderboard when submitting a score for play the pro event
•Fix for ‘next hole’ stats not appearing correctly in live tournaments
•Fix for score column showing incorrect information after playing multiple rounds in Play the Pros.
•Fix for playoffs sometimes going to night (if choosing to play night or live time of day, playoffs can still go to night)
•Fix for opponents sometimes not animating during H2H games.
•Fix for various issues that occur on the final round simulation leaderboards in career mode
•Fix for clubs resetting to default after having played a historic challenge in legends of the majors
•Fix for aiming info and other on-screen indicators disappearing at times.
•Fix for boost pins in H2H matches not working for users that did not set up the game
•Fix for eventual crash that would happen if game loads into demo mode when start is not pressed in time
•Fix for live tournament round screen not showing the proper time remaining in tournament
•Fix for incorrect display of XP Pin Bonus amount
•Fix for crash in golfer level purchase flow where coin price is incorrectly set to 0 coins
•Fix for mute user functionality where user becomes un-muted when a new user joins the session or a user leaves the session
•Fix for connected tournament banners not showing #1 ranked user in the banner
•Removed debug 3 hole setting from play now – setting was never intended to be in final game