Full List of Retailer Pre-Order Incentives for Madden NFL 25

Posted April 26th, 2013 at 4:15 pm


Earlier this month the first pre-order bonus for Madden NFL 25 was spotted and that was followed by another which implied there will be a form of Owner mode added to Connected Franchise (formerly Connected Careers). Now other retailers have followed by detailing the “team” packs they are offering which as expected are among the more storied franchises. 

Not all teams have an owner (no Jerry Jones or Al Davis) or a coach. It’s possible they could be among a group provided in the base product or as DLC or an unlockable – as there certainly will be some of those – however their absence here probably means they aren’t involved at all. Owners are play a part in Connected Franchise while coaches and players can also be obtained for use in Ultimate Team mode.

Amazon: Pittsburgh Steelers
Art Rooney Sr, Rod Woodson, and Franco Harris

Best Buy: Dallas Cowboys
Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman

Gamestop: San Francisco 49ers
Eddie DeBartolo Jr, Bill Walsh, and Joe Montana

Origin: No Team
Warren Moon and Kurt Warner

Target: Chicago Bears
Mike Ditka and William Perry

Walmart: Oakland Raiders
John Madden, Tom Flores, and Fred Biletnikoff