NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team Bonuses Through Skills Trainer

Posted July 8th, 2013 at 9:15 am


Those excited for the introduction of Ultimate Team mode in NCAA Football 14 certainly have plenty of opportunity to get their hands on additional packs and cards as a boost to the initial formation of their teams. The demo offered up a bonus pack and card. Pre-order bonuses provide a pack concentrated to specific conferences. Each team also gets to start out with a “freshman” version of Bo Jackson.

In addition to all those incentives a bonus card is given upon completion of each tutorial with “Gold” standing in NCAA Football 14’s Nike Skills Trainer. Awkwardly enough one tutorial ends with the presentation of an Aaron Hernandez card however he’s been switched out and Alex Smith is given instead. Continue on for the full list of Skills Trainer rewards.

Acceleration Burst: LaMichael James (79)
The Option: Cam Newton (79)
Triple Option: Colin Kaepernick (80)
Shovel Option: Aaron Hernandez (77) Alex Smith
Oklahoma Offense: Barrett Jones (78)
Pass Trajectories: Aaron Rodgers (80)
Total Control Passing: Russell Wilson (78 – Wisconsin)
User Catching: Ryan Broyles (78)
Ball Hawk: Charles Woodson (80)
Oklahoma Defense: Haloti Ngata (78)
Offensive Hot Routes: Andrew Luck (81)
Defensive Hot Routes: A.J. Hawk (79)
Offensive Audibles: Peyton Manning (82)
Defensive Audibles: Derrick Johnson (79)