Extensive Discussion on NBA 2K14’s VC Now Available in Podcast Form

Posted December 14th, 2013 at 11:45 am


For those who prefer to listen to podcasts as opposed to watching the Press Row Hangouts, the latest episode focusing on the VC controversy with NBA 2K14 is out now as a Press Row Podcast! For anyone who may have missed it be sure to check out the full article on the topic and here you can watch the Hangout episode if you’d prefer to do that instead.

This is an important issue for fans of sports gaming to keep talking about, to make voices heard with word of mouth and through social media, and to pressure other media outlets to write about. The future of the genre is threatened by the tactics that have been instituted by 2K Sports which not only has significantly eroded enjoyment of 2K14 for many but has adversely influenced design decisions and the direction the series appears to be headed.

Check out the 90 minute podcast through iTunes or for Android devices with the Stitcher app.