NCAA Football 14 Deal on Xbox 360

Posted December 26th, 2013 at 10:45 am


PlayStation 3 owners got the benefit of special deals in recent weeks with MLB 13: The Show for $10 and NHL 14 for $15. Buying them digitally even made sense for those who already had them on disc and could re-sell them for more than that. Now those with Xbox 360s can take advantage of a similar offer.

NCAA Football 14 is available as a digital download through Xbox Live for just $15. There are no real discounts on the game elsewhere Рeven Amazon has new copies sitting at $60 with used copies going for $48 and up. The Microsoft deal runs through December 30th. Others worth noting are SSX and Fight Night Champion for $5.

Considering this is the last NCAA Football for the foreseeable future it’s especially worthy of consideration. Anyone who already owns it could also look to grab the digital license for the $15 and sell the used copy of the game for over $40. Those who don’t want the trouble of selling could just trade it in to Amazon and get $22 in credit. Either way it’s a net gain. Since the situation is unique the value of NCAA 14 has not dropped in the way sports games typically do.