Details on Patch Released for MLB 14: The Show on PS4 and PS3

Posted July 17th, 2014 at 12:15 pm


SCEA today released the first patch for the PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14: The Show with the fixes also being applied to the PS3 version which is now on its second. It’s a significant update that would appear to address many of the issues people have had with the game since its release in early May (PS4) and the beginning of April (PS3).

Areas impacted by the patch include online play (will have to sufficiently evaluate to determine effectiveness), the misaligned strike zone specific to the PS4, and a whole lot more. 

General online synching and stability.
Play results are now consistent on both users machines.
Fielder synching issues across two users online now fixed.
Batter desync when batter calls time.
Balks or balls in the dirt no longer cause hang.
Ball deflected collision on defensive players now consistent on both user screens.
Late fielding dives no longer cause the game to hang online.
Fielding decisions and throws are now consistent on both player screens.
Late Bunt (and bunts pulled back) and swing attempts now give the same game result
Check swing improvements to online gameplay
Challenge of the Week pitcher settings no longer carrying over from any other game mode.
Timing issues with pausing the game and guess pitching at the same time.
Stealing home while batter takes strike 3 for the 3rd out issue fixed.
Ball 4 resulting in a walk on a wild pitch and trying to advance the runner on first issue fixed.
Fixed infrequent end of online game crash at closing on-screen-display graphic.
Fixed rare instance of on-screen bright color/black corruption affecting stadiums and players.
Fixed very rare corrupted player faces issue. This would show up as dark splotches and patches. This happened in certain player substitutions in Franchise mode Spring Training.
In Game Options for Camera changes are now saved when reloading the game.
Road to the Show crash when loading into Batting practice addressed
At-bat ambient Organ music addressed (wasn’t playing when intended)
Custom Music applied to all players now properly working.
First HR in a Franchise game issue no longer stating “First Career HR” every time.
Umpire balls, strikes and 3rd strike audio calls now playing properly and consistently
With Music Mode on, stealing a base no longer skips the song track.
Andrelton Simmons face fixed!
Home Run Derby can now be entered during the install, once the needed assets are loaded.
Bernie Brewer now seen after a Home Run in Miller Park.
Addressed Strike Zone size on PS4 that cause ball/strike calls to appear very wrong.
Analog throw meter difficulty balanced on all levels.
Fixed issue with repeated jumping near pop-up causing the runner to take off for next base.
All Vault screens should now default to rating (no longer sorted by user name).
Diamond Dynasty> My Bids fix to prevent a crash when users have more than 500 transactions.
Online score posting fix to prevent lost online game scores and data.
Addressed Login/Boot-up crash sometimes occurring when logging in during peak hours.
Fixed Diamond Dynasty “vs cpu” pre-game line-up crash that could happen before proceeding into the game load.
The Show Live Double Header games now have crowds for both games.
Diamond Dynasty and The Show Live issue fixed where some players were showing Headley (PS4) and Jeter (PS3) heads on certain players.