More Updates Made to Connected Franchise Mode in Madden NFL 15

Posted September 10th, 2014 at 11:00 am


EA Sports continues to work on improving the experience in Madden NFL 15’s Connected Franchise mode through server-side updates. Late last month two were released with the first making some minor adjustments to player progression while the second corrected many glaring issues with the sim stats. A new one has been pushed live that delivers more fixes and balancing adjustments.

♦Fixed the cost of Man and Zone Coverage because it was too low.
♦Made sure that you now earn more for drills in game prep than normal activities.
♦OLB and MLBs can now upgrade power moves.
♦Fixed the owner mode issue with not being able to sign a player with a $0 signing bonus.
♦Fixed the issue where you could earn less than the minimum displayed for game prep activities.
♦Fixed desync issues associated with defensive graphics settings.

The most crucial one there relates to the desyncs that were being experienced in head-to-head games. EA had earlier stated that would not be fixable through the server-side updates and instead would have to be included in a patch. There are still some issues with the online games however as we’ve seen some instances of games being disconnected due to “network timeouts” in the Press Row Podcast league.

Remember the server-side updates only apply to franchises that are designated as “online”. They can’t reach any that are “offline”. Those will have to wait for these fixes and improvements to be rolled into a patch.