2K Rushing Out Patch for NBA 2K15

Posted October 15th, 2014 at 10:45 am


Server issues have dominated discussion related to NBA 2K15 since it released last week. Not only have modes like MyPark and MyTeam failed to work properly in part due to the servers, and online games affected by troublesome input lag, but modes that would be considered by most as offline like MyCareer and MyGM have been impacted. Today 2K Sports announced that a patch has been submitted to Sony and Microsoft that will at least address some of the related issues.

Specifically the tweet from 2K notes it will address “being booted off MyPark”. That mode has suffered from connectivity problems, as well as instances where games don’t start and users get soft-locked in the “Got Next” spots, players that go invisible, and the game outright crashing. The patch is expected to be out within the next week.