NBA Live 15 Yet To Receive a Roster Update

Posted November 4th, 2014 at 1:30 pm


While the competition has turned a corner in terms of roster updates the NBA Live series continues to struggle with it. NBA Live 14 at one point in the season went for over a month without an update and now over a week into this season NBA Live 15 is still without one.

That means among the inaccuracies are Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook still in the starting lineup for the Thunder, Steve Nash starting for the Lakers, J.J. Barea missing from theĀ Mavericks, and all sorts of other discrepancies that can be found throughout the rosters in the game againstĀ those currently active in the league.

EA Sports often touts their Synergy partnership which delivers ongoing data but ultimately that drives tendencies and doesn’t affect roster movement, injuries, or ratings. They have to put effort into manual updates and have not done a good job with it since relaunching the franchise despite an apparent dedication to post-release support in other areas.