First Patch Out for MLB 15: The Show

Posted April 23rd, 2015 at 8:45 am


This morning brought the first patch for MLB 15: The Show and it appears to address many of the concerns people had with the game in the weeks since its release. That includes fixes to the BB/HBP bug online and the effectiveness of bunting, both of which were ruining the online experience for many. Continue on to check out the complete details on the patch!

♦Game would occasionally hang following walk, Hit by Pitch, or Balk.
♦Guessing Pitches had a delay and users would occasionally fail to guess Location and Pitch Type when offering input quickly.
♦Injuries were not occurring during Online Franchise games.
♦Within Game Rooms, users were missing their rank logos that distinguished them as Rookie, Veteran, All-Star, Hall of Fame, or Legend rank.
♦Play Now Rated and Diamond Dynasty – Home and Away team assignment was not random, resulting in some users always being the home team, or always the away team.
♦Play Now Online rated – Controlling the KC Royals, user would be given control of the ace pitcher (Ventura) no matter who was chosen to be the starting pitcher.

♦Animation clean up and tuning.
♦Adjustments to tagging sliding baserunners.
♦Bunt success rate was incorrect/too successful and accurate.

♦Edit Player screen limited users from editing generated players and players on certain teams.
♦Tuning to trade logic, specifically how the CPU traded with other CPU teams in Franchise and Season modes.

♦Batters would strikeout on the second strike when the performed certain check swings at pitches in the dirt.
♦Specific “wall scraping” home runs would result in a baserunner staying on 1st base, and not score correctly.
♦CPU runners were not using correct lead off logic.
♦Specific edited rosters would cause the game to crash when loading into a Road To The Show Showcase game.
♦Gave Andrew McCutchen a haircut to match his current appearance.
♦Wrigley Field had some collision/Home Run detection issues. Certain foul balls were being counted as Home Runs down the 1st base line.
♦Sounds of the Show issues have been resolved. Custom music was not being saved correctly where users intended them to.
♦Public Announcer audio was frequently incorrect (announcing the wrong name) during the end of game wrap up and also when bringing relief pitchers into the game.
♦Highlight Reel was added back into post game menus, by popular demand!
♦Tweaking and refining of in game sound effects.
♦Front End User Interface tweaking. Team colors on User’s Player Card.
♦Baserunning/Lead Runner windows were missing from Manager Mode.
♦Players will now wear sleeves when the game is played at lower temperatures.
♦Fixed many occurrences of consumer reported crashes, reported to us through the PS4 operating system crash reporting tool. Areas that encountered these rare crashes included: Exiting Amateur Draft in Franchise mode / Entering Diamond Dynasty / During initial boot-up / Using the Suggested Trade feature in Franchise mode / Specific in game scenarios.

♦Community Market – Changing pages in the marketplace completed order now works.
♦Card Collections – Redeem Legend button was missing after completing a collection.
♦Year to Year Saves modifications – Properly handling a small batch of players who were not in the league in MLB 14, and how they transfer over to MLB 15.