Now you can play against friends in Madden NFL 16 Draft Champions

Posted December 9th, 2015 at 9:45 am

Madden NFL 16 Draft Champions Play-A-Friend

A fourth patch for Madden NFL 16 on Xbox One and PS4 went out today adding another variation on Draft Champions. When the mode debuted at release, it was fairly limited, and offered practically no stakes which meant a high likelihood of an opponent quitting. Since then a “ranked” pay-to-enter mode was introduced to interest Ultimate Team players and with this latest patch a highly requested option has been added which will appeal to a wider audience.

Now people will be able to play against their friends online with drafted teams. Up to five games can be played against those who are on a friends list and after completing them it’s time to start over with a new team. EA has also added the ability to “reset” and draft anew every 24 hours.