Details on the second patch for MLB The Show 16 which attempts to fix more problems

Posted April 16th, 2016 at 12:30 pm


Sony San Diego had to rush out a patch for MLB The Show 16 earlier this month, and now they’ve quickly pushed through a second urgent update for the game to address the critical issues it has been facing.

The new patch includes attempts to fix “Challenge Failed” errors plus other crashes and bugs. The developer is also warning not to use Perks in Road to the Show as a pitcher as it’ll cause the game to crash until they can get another patch out at a later date. 

FLS traffic reduced and signaling fixes. This should resolve the “Challenge Failed” issue encountered when connecting to any Head to Head Online game mode.

We’ve removed the reward popup from screen flow to speed up services. We still show it on login and when returning from game so this should have no issues

Entitlement pending popup fix on boot up. For new users (with entitlements) or for users who purchase on the website. When those users logged in, they were not being alerted that they had entitlements pending. This is now fixed and users will be prompted upon boot up to redeem these products.

Play VS CPU (in Diamond Dynasty) had some pitcher energy issues. Entering conquest mode (3 inning games), then backing out, would negatively affect all Pitchers energy when returning back to Play vs CPU in Diamond Dynasty mode. This is now fixed.

Within Diamond Dynasty, the PA Announcer would often say the user’s location audio as opposed to the opponent who is up to bat. This is now fixed.

Card Rewards in DD had misnamed animations in the post-game reward screen, causing the wrong cards to disappear, which caused user to think he was getting a different card in some situations. This has been fixed.

Within Conquest mode and Diamond Dynasty-Play vs CPU, there was a crash in the pause menu within the Advanced Pitching options.

Within Season/Franchise, when progressing with a Year to Year save, the game could crash during the offseason while scrolling through particular parts of the menu. This is now fixed.

Within Franchise mode, the title could crash when attempting to navigate the Schedule during the Offseason with a Year-to-Year save file. The game could crash trying to access pitcher stats in the offseason. We added a check to prevent updating the pitcher data during the offseason. This issue is now resolved.

Within Season/Franchise mode, all games on the schedule were said to be starting at 1 PM. This UI visual but has been fixed.

During online games, if the batter called a timeout (or practice swung) at the same time the pitcher was attempting to pitch, the game would occasionally freeze, and neither user could progress or use their pause menu. One user would have to quit the application. This is now believed to be fixed.

The game would crash in defensive positioning quick screen during online head to head games. This is now resolved.

Fix for online entry options getting reset before going into an online game. Retractable roofs would not close, night and day, weather options, and month of the year would function. This is now fixed.

Sounds of the Show could crash within its menus, if you had certain music files with large amounts of metadata. Rare enough but could affect a number of users. This is now fixed.

The Ball Trail was stuck on at all times in RTTS modes, no matter what the option was set to. This should now be fixed.

Please refrain from using Perks as a RTTS pitcher as it will cause the game to crash for the time being. We have a fix and it will be included in our next update.