SSX now backwards compatible on Xbox One

Posted May 26th, 2016 at 10:15 am


While games like Fight Night Round 4 and Skate 2 are expected to be made backwards compatible for Xbox One in June, one new Xbox 360 title has been added today. 2012’s reboot of the SSX series will now be playable on Xbox One.

SSX excelled with its technical achievements, exhilarating gameplay, and social-based online but also grew excessively frustrating to play at times. A post-release patch added in two head-to-head online modes while DLC was released featuring additional characters.

The game was free in December 2014 to those with Xbox Live Gold and was frequently on sale for less than $20 those years ago. It’s currently $20 digital through the Xbox Marketplace while used copies through Amazon can be had for about $9.