Details on the third patch for Madden NFL 17

Posted October 4th, 2016 at 6:30 am


The third post-release update for Madden NFL 17 went live today on PS4 and Xbox One. Earlier patches have addressed various bugs in the game discovered following launch and the addition of the Color Rush uniforms. The latest update heavily influences gameplay and delivers fixes and improvements to Franchise and Ultimate Team modes. 


♦Tuned Wide Receivers dropping wide open passes to be less frequent
♦Auto-Moves now set to OFF for all MUT Solo Challenges
♦Player-Lock camera fixes
♦Tuned Auto-Broken Tackles to be less frequent
♦Variety of defensive run-game tuning fixes
♦Strip-Ball exploit fixed
♦Fixed issue around clock running out on a defensive penalty
♦Fixed issue with QB’s unable to tackle after throwing an Interception
♦Fixed a variety of rare Special Teams issues
♦Defensive tuning vs. stretch/outside zone runs
♦Addressed a variety of fatigue-related issues
♦Nano-detection System improvements
♦Nano-detection System disabled for user vs. CPU games
♦Fixed ‘Ice the Kicker’ not functioning in certain situations
♦Addressed users holding kick button to take a delay penalty and re-kicking
♦Fixed issue with user not being able to switch players in co-op play
♦Tuned to WR/DB positioning on streak routes
♦Tuning & Adaptive AI to LB fake-out chances vs. counter plays to improve defensive reaction
♦Kick-Meter Accuracy Range increased on All-Pro & All-Madden
♦Decreased ‘nearby player’ penalty for defender interceptions, making INTs more frequent


♦Added ability to save/resume solo Cloud Franchise games
♦Head to head Cloud games will now default to the standard camera
♦Fixed issue where players on IR were counting against active roster
♦Fixed issue where user to user trades could be auto accepted when week advances
♦Many stats and ratings menus are now in widescreen format
♦Fixed issue where some heads appeared incorrect while editing
♦Addressed stability issues in Play the Moment, Training, Formation Subs, and Schemes
♦Fixed issue where some players with preexisting injuries would never return to health
♦Addressed issue where stats are not showing properly when viewed on team goals menu
♦Tuned game regression that can occur for quarterbacks
♦Fixed issue where defensive rookie of the year can show up as offensive player of the year
♦Removed ability for kneeling QBs to be hurt while simminng
♦Adjusted fatigue during Play the Moments
♦Punter stats are now visible in the menus
♦Draft Classes will now have varying penalty traits
♦Highlights menu is now available when ending the game on a simmed play
♦Going for it on 4th downs in Play the Moments have been tuned
♦Strategy suggestions in play call will now track multiple concepts

Ultimate Team

♦Added the ability to add multiple items to a set at once (“Batch-Add-to-Set”)
♦Improved MUT substitution screen UI
♦Chemistry art modifications (larger images!!)
♦Addressed issue where filters in the Auction House would disappear
♦Addressed issue where “Unopened Packs” tile would show 0 even with packs unopened
♦Surfaced the “restart” button when failing a Solo Challenge
♦Game speed is set to default for all difficulties including Rookie and Pro (no longer “Slow”)
♦Auto Subs in MUT Solo Challenges are now working correctly