Major update to NHL 17 improves gameplay, adds new uniforms and goal celebrations

Posted November 22nd, 2016 at 3:45 pm


EA Sports today released a significant patch for NHL 17 on both Xbox One and PS4 that not only looks to deliver improvements to gameplay and various modes, but also adds in new content in the form of uniforms, equipment, and goal celebrations.


♦Added 11 new goal celebrations to the creation zone. Video showing them off here.

♦Fixed an issue where a user goalie would get stuck after getting hit while in butterfly.

♦Fixed an issue where after an icing the puck it would sometimes cause human players to sit on the bench for the next play.

♦Fixed some issues where a goalie would get stuck in a post lean away from the post.

♦Added new post lean saves for more coverage.Improved goalie post lean logic so goaltenders to try and make saves that keep them sealed on the post to prevent short side goals.

♦Fixed an issue where some signature stances caused the goalie’s glove hand to push back behind their pad when holding the puck idle on their stick.

♦Fixed issues with shot animations when in close to the net.

♦Updated User goalie save logic to help them move into a save when they are requesting to push/move first.

♦Added functionality to allow goalies to rotate more when coming off the post from VH to butterfly to make them more square to the puck.

♦Updates to User goalie save logic on wraparounds based on requested motion.

♦Updates to User goalie save delay when in good position to make a blocking save.

♦Fixed an issue where a goalie would sometimes drop to butterfly when in possession of the puck on a User requested pass attempt.

♦Improved the reliability of one timers by adding quicker snapshots for situations where there isn’t enough time to take a full slapshot.

♦Fixed issue where precision skating would sometimes conflict with a loose puck deke attempt at a slow speed. If stick is out a deking position it prioritizes the deke request.

♦Updated goalie logic so that goalies will hold their near post on pass attempts near the net to prevent easy short side goals.

♦Updated goalie logic for softer shots on net so they look to pick it up rather than make a save.

♦General stability updates across all modes and various crash fixes.

EA Sports Hockey League

♦Added new jersey logos to customize for your club.

♦Added 11 new goal celebrations for your Pro.

♦Added a new Drop-in Feature where a group of users can play a private unranked game through the Drop-in Dressing Room lobby:

♦Dressing Room Leaders can enter a 4-6 digit private matchmaking ID to matchup privately against another group using the same ID

♦Both groups must be matchmaking at the same time with the exact same ID, which means this is meant for larger coordinated games or practice sessions.

♦Added the ability to select and view the Player Summary screen from the disconnect and end of game pause menus.

♦Fixed issues where Banners, Entry Props, and Flags were clipping through certain cameras in EASHL stadiums.

♦Fixed an issue where after icing the puck while on a 4on4 as their penalty is expiring, users would have their players on the bench on the next play.

♦Added a new PS4 Feature called Play Together which is used to quickly get a group of friends playing in a Drop-In Group Matchmaking session.

Hockey Ultimate Team

♦Improved Quick Swap functionality in Edit Lineup screen for quicker line management and updated animations. Quick Swaps now performed without transitioning to a separate screen.

♦The Synergy Details screen is now visible in the Collection search results when performing player substitutions to further enhance the team building mechanic.

♦The highlight animation has been updated in all HUT screens to improve visibility.

♦Added new Jersey items to some of the team collections.


♦Fixed an issue where players who have a playable injury and are scratched lose morale.

♦Note: if a player is fully healed and is scratched they will lose morale.

♦Fixed issue where no captains were being assigned in Franchise Mode.

♦Fixed multiple arena capacities.

♦Fixed multiple teams merchandise images in the set prices screen.

♦Improved overall stability within the mode.

Be a Pro

♦Fixed issue where a User would keep getting the doctor’s approval to play popup each time they returned to the bench.

♦Fixed issue where no captains were being assigned in Be a Pro.

♦Improved overall stability within the mode.

New Uniforms and Equipment

Los Angeles Kings Alternate Uniform
Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Uniform
Winnipeg Jets Heritage Classic Uniform

Springfield Thunderbirds Home and Away Uniforms
Tucson Roadrunners Home and Away Uniforms

Calgary Hitmen Home and Away Uniforms
Charlottetown Islanders Home and Away Uniforms
Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Alternate Uniform
Drummondville Voltigeurs Home and Away Uniforms
Everett Silvertips Home and Away Uniforms
Kingston Frontenacs Alternate Uniform
Lethbridge Hurricanes Home and Away Uniforms
Swift Current Broncos Alternate Uniform

Oulun Kärpät Home and Away Uniforms
Rauman Lukko Home and Away Uniforms
Tampereen Tappara Home and Away Uniforms
Tampereen Ilves Home and Away Uniforms

Malmo Redhawks Alternate Uniform
HV71 Home and Away Uniforms
Farjestad BK Home and Away Uniforms
Djurgården IF Home and Away Uniforms
Karlskrona HK Home and Away Uniforms

South Carolina Stingrays Alternate Uniform

Bauer Vapor 1X OD1N
Vaughn V7 XF Pro Carbon