Deals on several sports games available through limited time digital holiday sales

Posted December 27th, 2016 at 4:15 pm

The final week of the PlayStation Holiday Sale has delivered some new deals to consider on a handful of recent sports games. This could be a good opportunity to pick up any that were missed out on from Black Friday promotions or those that were hoped to have been received as gifts. The prices of the games are solid for this point in their respective life cycles, and considering there’s no EA Access on PS4 (possibly preferred alternative to buying them outright now or at a later date) it’ll be some time before the cost is lower for the EA Sports titles.

FIFA 17 for $30
Madden NFL 17 for $30
EA Sports UFC 2 for $15
Rory McIlroy PGA Tour for $9.89 ($18 w/o PS+)
MLB The Show 16 for $12
F1 2016 for $30 ($36 w/o PS+)

Similar deals continue to be available for those with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions on Xbox One with the exception of UFC 2 and (of course) MLB The Show. UFC and Rory McIlroy are already included in the EA Access Vault. Madden could be added as early as around time of the Super Bowl while FIFA will likely require waiting until April or May.