Another Madden eSports champion has been sanctioned, this time in cheating scheme

Posted March 2nd, 2017 at 12:30 pm

On the heels of one ugly situation that saw the Madden Bowl champion penalized due to conduct on social media now EA Sports has announced findings of an investigation and it involves the winner of the Madden Classic.

‘SpotMePlzzz’ has been disqualified from the Madden Challenge and penalized 125 Madden Championship Series points. Another participant, ‘Mr. Hollywood,’ has lost 125 MCS points and had his future invite status downgraded. All of this is due to account sharing where an individual allows someone else to play online games in their place. Given that the sheer number of games played factors into the scoring that collusion creates a distinct advantage.

The Madden Classic was the first major eSports event to be held with Madden NFL 17 with SpotMePlzzz winning the competition in early December. That was followed by the Madden Bowl and now qualification is being determined for the Madden Challenge which will have its finals in April. All those events and some others award Madden Championship Series points which go towards placement in the final Madden Championship tournament in May.