NBA 2K17 gets a gameplay patch just in time for the Playoffs

Posted April 7th, 2017 at 9:00 am

It’s late in the season to be getting patches but another has just landed for NBA 2K17. As the 10th patch of substance for the game this one is primarily focused on improving gameplay. 2K17 has suffered from some gameplay issues including serious problems with defensive AI that were never really addressed through the post-release support until now. Other areas worked on relate to dribble moves, problematic animations, and off-ball contact.

♦Improvements to double team logic for more appropriate rotations and to prevent help defenders from leaving their assignments.
♦Enhanced several dribble size-up combos to make more responsive chaining moves together.
♦Improved off-ball collision logic to prevent excessive bumping for smoother offensive flow.
♦Removed dribbler collision reactions that slowed down ball handler with contact from behind.
♦Offensive AI enhancements for better decision making when countering double teams.
♦Fixed issue allowing travels if rapidly chaining together certain rhythm dribble animations.
♦Fixed issue preventing some players from signing 10-day contract in MyGM/MyLeague.