Sony matches some early Black Friday deals on PS4 games

Posted November 17th, 2017 at 10:15 am

Microsoft has come out out with some tempting deals on sports games in advance of Black Friday for games on Xbox One, and Sony has now followed in the hours since by offering a number of their own on PlayStation 4. These are deals worth considering particular for those who prefer to a digital library of games, but other retailers will have physical copies likely for slightly cheaper (and NBA 2K18 significantly cheaper) come the end of next week, and those have the additional bonus of those being sellable or tradeable down the line. PlayStation Plus is required to get the discount. Some of the best options from the bunch are listed below!

Madden NFL 18 for $30
NHL 18 for $30
PES 2018 for $30
FIFA 18 for $36
WWE 2K18 for $36
Need for Speed Payback for $36
Madden NFL 18 Holiday Edition for $40
NHL 18 Young Stars Edition for $40
NBA 2K18 for $42
NBA 2K18 Legend Edition for $60