Third MLB The Show 18 patch makes more adjustments to fielding

Posted April 6th, 2018 at 3:30 pm

MLB The Show 18 has now been out for exactly two weeks and in that time has received three patches. Today’s update again addresses fielding which has arguably been the most problematic gameplay-related area this year.

“Fix for user controlled player to make sure his starting direction has the correct angle and ensures he is on the right path to make any potential catch. This adjustment should help with bad angles to the ball which led to potential misses.”

In an earlier patch fielding animations were adjusted to allow for catches to be made from just outside the marker. Players not making realistic attempts at the ball and even having trouble picking it up have been amongst the most common complaints in the early days of release.

Unfortunately that is currently the only known change. The remainder of the notes provided appear to have been accidentally copied over from the patch that went out earlier this week.

Additionally, despite an ill-advised tweet today that makes it sound like he can be utilized differently than anyone else, Shohei Ohtani is still designated as a starting pitcher with no unique ability to play the field or get in the lineup as a DH on non-pitching days.