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  • Weekly Take 1: September 19, 2010
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    This week's included a couple of movie reviews, the television lineups for this week, and a couple of trailers. Review: The Town. Excellent movie worthy of Best Picture consideration. Review: The Social Network. Another that will likely be in the Oscar running. Spartacus Star's Cancer Returns. Won't be back for season two. Fox Nabs Alcatraz. New JJ Abrams show will once again have mystery angle. Trailer for The Fighter. Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale in "Irish" Mi...
  • Weekly Take 1: September 12, 2010
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    This week's news included a review of The Social Network, a new trailer for Saw 3D, and updates on the Judge Dredd reboot. Review: The Social Network. The David Fincher adaptation opens on October 1st. Trailer for Saw 3D. Supposedly the final chapter in the Saw franchise. Shows Premiering This Week. Survivor and The Apprentice are back, Outlaw premieres. The Dark Tower Movies, TV Show. Stephen King novels to become hybrid feature films/TV series. More News on Jud...
  • Weekly Take 1: August 22, 2010
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    This week's news included new trailers, Star Wars and Anchorman coming to Blu-ray, and a review for Piranha 3D. Review: Piranha 3D. Fun movie that embraces its ridiculous nature. Anchorman Blu-ray Details. Out August 31st as a Best Buy exclusive. Trailer for Fair Game.Based on the true story regarding ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame. Trailer for Black Swan. Psychological thriller from Darren Aronofsky. New Promo Video for Dexter Season 5. Less spoilery than the Comic-C...
  • Weekly Take 1: August 15, 2010
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    This week's news included news on Survivor, a couple of trailers and details on the sequel to James Cameron's Avatar. Review: Scott Pilgrim. Inventive and fun...practically a video game for a movie. Avatar Sequel Details. Will go underwater to the oceans of Pandora. Trailer for Jackass 3D. Taking Jackass to the next level. Teaser Trailer for Skyline. Alien invasion movie filmed on independent budget. Trailer for How Do You Know. New film starring Paul Rudd. ...
  • Weekly Take 1: August 8, 2010
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    Review: The Other Guys. Not a classic but a very funny movie. Insight Into Kick-Ass Sequel. Some plot hints regarding Hit-Girl and Red Mist. Quentin Tarantino May Direct The Shadow. Would reboot the comic-based movie. Comic-Con Trailer: The Avengers. Teaser with Samuel L. Jackson voiceover. Comic-Con Trailer: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. Guillermo Del Toro produced/written. Trailer for Trust. Clive Owen stars and directed by David Schwimmer. Fernley Ph...
  • Weekly Take 1: August 1, 2010
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    This week's news included new American Idol news,  Total Recall reboot updates, and a handful of new movie trailers. Shake-up of American Idol Judges. Judges will be Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson. Redbox Begins Blu-ray Rentals. Charging $1.50 a night. ’30 Days of Night: Dark Days’ Trailer. Straight to DVD release on  October 5, 2010. Total Recall Reboot in the Works. Len Wiseman to direct reboot of 1990 sci-fi classic. Burn Notice Prequel M...
  • Weekly Take 1: July 25, 2010
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    This week's news included updates on a possible villain for the next 'Batman' film, Avengers news, and a handful of new trailers.  There was also a ton of news out of Comic-Con. Theatrical Trailer for Buried. The Ryan Reynolds buried alive film. Theatrical Trailer for The Debt. Remake of the 2007 Israeli film. Jimmy Johnson on Survivor: Nicaragua. Former Cowboys coach competing on next season. Riddler the Likely Batman 3 Villain. Could be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt...
  • Weekly Take 1: July 18, 2010
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    This weeks news included a ton of new trailers, new 'Hulk' casting rumors, first look at The Green Lantern's costume, and an Inception review. ‘Transformers 3′ Opening Scene Details. Details of the opening minutes of Transformers 3. **Spoiler alert** Review: Dinner for Schmucks. Disappointing effort considering the cast. Releases July 30th. Review: Inception. Brilliantly crafted psychological thriller. Mark Ruffalo Could Be The New Hulk. Marvel negotiating with him ...