NBA 2K13 Patch Expected To Release Within Next Two Weeks

Posted November 23rd, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Heading into the holiday 2K Sports announced that a comprehensive patch for NBA 2K13, that will act as the first for the game since it released in early October, has been submitted for certification to Microsoft and Sony. Generally that testing process takes anywhere from 10-14 days unless an issue is discovered that delays its approval. Earlier 2K had made clear that they were targeting late November for this patch so the latest news pretty much falls in line with expectations however it could potentially slip out of that time frame.

No word on what the patch will entail but one previously confirmed issue to be addressed regards Association and MyCareer modes having the second half of the season autosimmed following All Star Weekend. Other problems that could be worked on include offensive rebounding imbalance, Online Associations stalling after one season, the social media feature disappearing in MyCareer, PlayVision art not showing in MyCareer games, and the inability to switch back to “VC” after being converted to “SP”.

  • smsixx

    As long as the offensive rebounding and extrfemly high shooting percentages get fixed i’ll be happy.

  • Kram

    2 freakin months for a patch. guess thats what no competition leads to

    • indycolts

      better word for this would be “first title update” because they usually do take about this long since they are too big to work into quick updates

    • annbaguy

      Everybody forgets that Microsoft charges an outlandish amount for a publisher to post a patch. They don’t do it quickly, because they don’t want to have to pay to do it again anytime soon.

      That being said, 2K has a notoriously bad history for long-awaited updates that ultimately disappoint, so anything can happen.

      • DB

        Both MS and Sony charge the same for patches. The reason is b/c its suppose to discourage devs from releasing broken games in the first place. Image how bad games would be if there was no limit or penalty for patches. Things would be even worst than they are now.

  • Fiasco 2Four

    Hopefully after this, they can get their heads out of thier asses with the rosters. Get it together 2K. The funny thing is some of the people who bash this are the same ones who ask for 2K to put out a football game. Appreciate Madden because what makes you think 2K can keep up with NFL transactions if they cant Do NBA ones.

    • man fuck them missing players i mean honestly is Chris Copeland gonna be anyones 6th man??? no he prolly wont even see the floor but im not sayin he should not be in the game, im just saying its kinda pointless since he wont see any action. u can download alot of them bums for your offline franchise.. im more interested in the path

      • Abc

        Kyle Singler bro. He starts.

        • smsixx

          Kyle Singler has been added…
          Regardless I do understand the guys point.

  • well this post was a complete waste, just re-repeating old information

    save ur self some bandwith and just post when you have information on whats going to be in the patch next time

    • abb

      New information that its actually been sent to MS and Sony. Its an update to what we knew earlier and means its going to be out soon rather then leaving us wondering about it. If this isn’t important to you then dont bother to read it.

    • Squints Palledorous

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      • No Squints

        Funny that you should say that.

        Do YOU know why Pasta recommends people buy Madden football every year, even though Madden sucks every year? It brings traffic to his website, and that’s how he makes his money using the internet. Oh…and all you guys that buy into his bullshit articles about Madden are idiots.

  • FlyGuyRell

    They better fix the offensive rebounding and the starting lineup glitch in mycareer…

  • h-Town

    I love how all the 2k fan boys wanted nba live to die, well you got your wish and in return you got a shitty basketball game.

    • Me to You

      You are so fucking stupid. NBA2k13 at its very worst, would kick the shit out of EA’s absolute best effort.

      I repeat….you are so fucking stupid.

      • H-Town

        Thats your opinion I wont get but hurt over an opinion like you lol.

        • Kyle Anthony

          that’s cause you’re too stupid to even know when to be butt hurt.

          • H-Town

            Or I am too smart to know not to get butt hurt over someones opinion, because the fact is, it is their opinion.

    • Manny

      Nba live is so much better! Wait … 2k retired them lol .. 2k is waaaaaay better than live and I was addicted to live

  • I wish we could change the jerseys on myplayer mode. Meeting with your GM is useless considering nothin ever changes, 2k kills me with these ideas. Oh and i hate wearing white socks EVERY game

  • Manny

    There’s many issues in this game .. Kickball is called way too much , over the back fouls , absolutely no contact fouls only fouls I seem to see alot is on a shot or after u throw up a layup .. Very few foul calls compared to 2k12 .. It’s frustrating because I know when I start a layup I can tell whether its gonna go in or miss based on the contact I get smh .. Too many issues

  • MARZ76

    crewmode please

  • Patch was just released two minutes ago for xbox 360.

  • its out on PS3 too

  • This patch is absolutely horrible. My player fouls out of over half the games in a season. If I autosim, the chances of me fouling out or getting into foul trouble and losing is prolly around 65%. I have the greatest player in the league attributes wise, and I barely make the all-star reserves because of this bullshit. Ive invested way too much money into this to be ripped off like this..