New Madden Ultimate Team Features Now Active Through Two Updates

Posted November 30th, 2012 at 11:15 am

Both of the updates announced earlier this week for Madden NFL 13 are available now on the 360 and PS3. The patch that arrived, which was followed today by a server-side update, did so with the primary intention of delivering new features to Ultimate Team mode.

Have you tried out “Draft Duels” or any of the other new additions to Ultimate Team such as the ability to save multiple lineups? Made any observations on other changes that have been identified with the patch? As always leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Keith.


    • UltimateMoneygrab

      LOL. Did you mean that you were first person to post a comment, or first person to post a comment, and still not give a fuck about this patch for “Ultimate Money Grab Scheme Number 13” ?

      • Keith.

        That was just some douchebag pretending to be me. EA homers don’t like me calling out Tiburon for running the videogame football hobby into the ground.

        • UltimateMoneygrab

          LOL…I knew it wasn’t you.

        • Keith suck a penis

          do you honestly think EA gives a shit about you? You are not running their game into the ground, you are like a little piece of rabbit shit compared to them.

          • Keith.

            EA could care less about me, as evidenced by their stubborn refusal to add in-game saves, multiple gameplay camera angles, realistic OL/DL interaction, etc., these last 8 years.

            For what it’s worth, I said Tiburon was running videogame football into the ground, not me. Reading comprehension, my friend.

          • Madden Stinks

            They obviously don’t give a shit about you either. I don’t think they really give a shit about the actual sport of football, for that matter, because their videogame re-creation of the sport, sucks the little pieces of rabbit shit straight out of Bugs Bunny’s ass, through a 7/11 Big Gulp straw.

  • Jerkyboy

    “Have you tried out “Draft Duels” or any of the other new additions to
    Ultimate Team such as the ability to save multiple lineups? Made any
    observations on other changes that have been identified with the patch?”

    No, but I did trade Madden NFL 13 in for an actually fun game.

    • So with another generation now in the books, we can look back at 8 seasons of Tiburon dragging video game football into the dirt with zero innovations, and an endless stream of promises and excuses for not fulfilling those promises.

      Now seeing that the Wii U version of Madden is a joke, it comes as a sobering signal of possibly what’s to come in this new generation; the same old broken engine, bad animations, broken AI, piecemeal presentation with all sorts of things missing, and more promises that will surely be broken.

      If there is any humanity left, any at all, something or someone will put an end to Tiburon’s dark reign over our favorite sport. I don’t know who will do it or how they’ll do it, but I know one thing damn well; that person won’t be wearing an EA/Tiburon uniform.

      • Jerkyboy

        Very well said.

  • Here’s a comment about the actual Draft Duels mode. I wanted to try this because it sounded fun and strategic. I go to MUT mode. I thought I’d try a standard game with 27 picks, instead of the short game with 9 picks. It said I don’t have enough “Draft Duel” packs to play, and I could buy them. They had given me one, but you need three to play a standard duel, one for a short duel. Ok, they gave me a pack, I’ll play a short duel. I go to a draft screen and it gives me a number of players to choose from, and 90 seconds to choose. Then I got a different set of players to pick (from my opponents pack), and we picked until we each had 9 players. I get to the lineup screen, it has my 9 picks and average players to fill out the roster. I took about a 30 seconds to a minute to set my lineup and clicked advance. It says the game is no longer available, connection to opponent is lost. I’m back to the Draft Duels lobby, except this time, I have no packs, and have to buy them to play this mode. It took my one pack, and used it for a game that never happened, so I basically lost a pack to play a game with. I hope I’m missing something, because outside of the pack I lost, you have to buy a pack everytime you want to play this mode. If I buy 3 packs to play a standard game and get disconnected before it starts, I’ll lose all 3 packs and the money I used to buy them.

  • Pasta can you please ask Josh Bloomin or someone else at EA if their going to fix anything else on CCM offline? Some of these issues are still HUGE and while I like the additions (except for the worthless MTU update) these NEED fixing. They refuse to acknowledge tweets from anyone mentioning CCM updates. Pretty dick move on their part.

  • Dbgameover

    I find the draft duels revitalizing to say the least, one of MUT’s biggest problem has always been redundancy of players. This mode fixes that while also providing additional players for the regular games or to be used as bait to grab additional packs for draft duels which seem appropriately priced.

    Draft duels also solved another problem within MUT competitiveness the incentive to win in a Draft duel is 10 fold the normal head to head game types cause you can be potentially wagering 35000 coins “quite alot” for 1 game in which if you lose you may get close to nothing.

    In conclusion it seems like MUT has came upon yet a new way to get money out of consumers who have already payed for the game; but i do find this game type to be the most enjoyable on madden and recommend people give it a try.

    P.S ima take all yo moneyz pz

    • it’s a great mode on paper, but if someone disconnects on you (even before the game starts in my case), you lose the pack, and essentially the money you used to buy it with.

  • Mika from france

    Another useless update! we don’t give a flying crap about ultimate team! we just want a decent CC update fixing all the shitty bugs ! no CC update since week 4? WTF!!!!

  • leo

    if only offline cc and online cc had as many patches as ultimate team, we would have a great game

  • Keith.

    Anybody read the twitter meltdown from AJ Dembroski, i.e., another “now-former” developer at Tiburon?

    Ouch! Says a lot when even the guys who worked on the game admit that it’s a steaming POS made by a bunch of a$$holes. Anyways, read it now before it’s pulled…

    • Interesting stuff. But wasn’t he responsible for fucking up Madden 12’s franchise weather? I mean, how much room does he really have to talk after that disaster?

      The very fact that they hired him at all is an indictment on the company that really grabs more at the theme of what he’s complaining about than he obviously understands. So he’s basically complaining about a company that hired him for the same reasons that he’s complaining about; incompetence, lack of direction and common sense. I mean let’s face it, if Tiburon knew what the hell they were doing he would’ve never even gotten an interview there considering that he had no real experience to speak of in big time game development.

      I feel no sympathy for him. He was one of the biggest Madden/EA/Tiburon ball washers of all time, right up there with JPDavis and Roadman. So he doesn’t deserve to have his belly-aching horseshit taken seriously now.

    • Make sure you save that stuff, Keith. We’re going to need that for the archives, and we don’t want him weasling out later.

    • Doing a write-up on this tomorrow. Its a perspective people generally don’t get to hear.

      • Crimson

        not from you, they don’t

  • Tyler

    When can I get into one again it says temporarily unavailable