End of Year Community Awards: Best Online Play of 2013

Posted January 2nd, 2014 at 11:45 am


Next up in the Community Choice Awards is the recognition for the sports game that had the best online play in 2013. That includes not just online performance but also the feature set and available options.

The category has been won by Madden the last two years and NCAA Football prior to that. This time the challengers to Madden NFL 25 are NHL 14 and FIFA 14. Continue on for the summaries of each, to vote in the poll, and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

Madden NFL 25
Looking for a three-peat, Madden again offered strong online play on both console generations due to consistent and reliable performance and the fully featured Online Franchise mode with up to 32 user-controlled teams while adding Seasons to Ultimate Team.

NHL 14
Online has always been one of the most attractive aspects of the NHL franchise. This year EA Sports Hockey League and Hockey Ultimate Team added the fantastic Online Seasons and GM Connected was a much more pleasant experience. That the NHL 94 mode was not online-enabled was may be the only disappointment.

Co-Op Seasons was added to the feature set along with Online Team Play, Online Seasons, and Ultimate Team. Match Day was expanded to apply to the Seasons modes this year too. For such a humongous game with players all around the world it’s still remarkable how reliable and responsive most games of FIFA are online.

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  • FightingNYGIrish

    If FIFA doesn’t win then I’m done with these polls – it’s simply the best in terms of reliability and diverse game modes

  • jbl72

    Where’s the 2K nomination a….. LOL I couldn’t even type that without laughing

    • Jackson

      Maybe we need one for worst online gameplay

      • I don’t think we need a poll to figure that one out!

        • Jackson

          Haha true

  • Skihawks

    No NCAA 14 with OD?

    • Got edged out this time mainly cause of glitches that were utilized by people in head-to-head ranked games.

  • Sometimes parody is too close to the real thing. This might be an example of that!

  • Mike

    Anyone having issues with madden on Xbox one connecting in multiplayer? My game freezes at team selection with a friend every time…sometimes it works in random matches and other times it freezes then too. Just curious if anyone else is having issues? Thanks

    • lolmanthegreat

      I’ve received losses when the EA server kicks us out of the game, but I don’t get disconnected from EA? I was also winning at the time.

  • Skopin

    If it hadn’t been for the picture, I would have sworn this was the real Keith..

  • Johnny boy

    Are you serious? When was the las time you played online with nba 2k? If it has been within the last week people are going to be jealous. Also. Please share the secret of connecting to their servers.

  • Mike

    hah…thats pretty funny…but nah…this isn’t keith…seriously…i’ve been trying to figure this out for 2 weeks…both my buddy and I have open NAT….i have all ports forwarded etc…and so does he…I work in IT and am very familiar with networking. we can chat without issue on xbox live…but as soon as we pick our team and our playbooks…and hit ready the game freezes. we can still chat and even go back to home screen…and then kill the game and start again…even if we don’t change playbooks or uniforms…it still happens…and we’ve tried having the other person send and vice versa….its driving me crazy.

    so no one else is experiencing this?

    I also posted about this in the xbox forums but got no response…I’m wondering if its cable company related…i’m on comcast and he’s on time warner.