Top Rated Cornerbacks and Safeties in Madden NFL 15

Posted August 2nd, 2014 at 11:00 am


The slow drip of player ratings for Madden NFL 15 is reaching its conclusion with the top five rated corners and safeties. Soon EA Sports will begin rolling out complete rosters by divisions with two expected each day. Richard Sherman joins Calvin Johnson and J.J. Watt as the 99 rated players to begin this season. The Seahawks also have the highest ranked strong safety and second highest free safety.

Richard Sherman (99), Darrelle Revis (97), Joe Haden (95), Patrick Peterson (93), Vontae Davis (92)

Free Safety
Jairus Byrd (96), Earl Thomas (95), Devin McCourty + Eric Weddle (94), Charles Woodson (86)

Strong Safety
Kam Chancellor + Troy Polamalu (93), TJ Ward (91), Eric Berry (90), Reshad Jones (89)

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  • Nickel

    Wow – can’t believe that Revis and Polamalu are that high. Unless this is Madden 12…

  • Mode$t

    Troy is not the same safety as he used to be. Where is Antrel Rolle? Donnie never ceases to amaze me.

  • George Williams

    Haha At the most Sherman should be a 98. At a 99 they are saying he is already one of the best CBs to ever play. Blowing his head up. I like him but thats still a reach.

    • Mode$t

      The thing that gets me is he doesn’t play both sides of the field. He is a cover 3 corner and Earl Thomas has his back. He isn’t on an island. Man to man is much more impressive to me. He should be 97. He isn’t one of the best of all time. When they give him a 99, that’s what EA is saying.

  • Khadeem

    Can anyone explain to me why tj ward is better than eric berry?

    • MoneyMayweather

      ward is a tackling machine

  • Zach

    These ratings are pathetic. Can’t even take them seriously

  • ArturoSolano

    Eric Weddle is the best safety in the league. Was asked to basically play LB in Pagano’s defensive scheme. Not to mention the horrid secondary around him last year. I expect him to be the top rated safety to end this madden year.

  • gargax819

    Sherman will be sub 90 by the end of the season. He can’t do that bush league crap where you just hold and PI every single play because the refs are afraid of slowing down the game anymore. Look for Kam to take a hit too.

  • madden ratings guru

    wow too many guys complain about ratings. These will be adjusted throughout the season as always lets calm done. Although I don’t think Revis and Polamalu are that good anymore they have earned a shot to prove it one more time. Sherman just won a super bowl playing on the best passing defense and he also did his job as asked perfectly with no flaws.