EA addresses status of EA Sports World

Posted September 7th, 2007 at 2:56 pm

EA Sports World

With all of the problems being experienced in relation to the EASportsWorld website (Photo Face not working for Tiger Woods 08 and functionality removed for games such as NCAA Football 08 and Madden 08) EA has just released a statement.

The EASPORTS World team has been working around the clock to upgrade our server capacity for Tiger Woods, NCAA Football and Madden fans. Progress is being made and EA is committed to the Sportsworld experience. We anticipate having a delivery date for full functionality next week and EA will keep you informed on a regular basis as we move forward. We appreciate your patience and eagerness to access our BETA program.

While it is a positive develpment to hear that they are making progress and hope to have everything working properly next week, the final line of that statement is somewhat offensive. EA Sports World may still be considered a “BETA” as a site, but the advertised features for these games are not. Having them unavailable is not something that can be passed off and excused due to the supposed “BETA” status of their website.

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