Full Tiger Woods 13 Patch Details

Posted April 19th, 2012 at 6:15 pm

Yesterday brought first news on the patch for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, set to arrive tomorrow, that will offer an alternative method of swinging with Kinect for Xbox 360. Now EA Sports has rolled out the complete list of fixes to expect.

Problems with features such as GameFace, broken Live Weather, and general freezing issues appear to have gone unaddressed however. It’s also unclear why only the 360 is getting this update right now and whether a similar one is in the pipeline for the PS3. Continue on for the full patch list and leave any thoughts in the comments!

•Virgin Gaming integration
•Adjusted how Boot Pins load on your Bad Tag in 4 Player Online Games
•Addressed issues with improper stats being displayed
•Addressed camera issues when zooming in while putting
•Fixed camera flash when hitting ball out of bounds
•Ping information is now properly reflected in the ping indicator
•Adjusted various chip animations
•Users can now stand sideways when using Kinect on Amateur/Pro difficulties
•Grab and Release hand icon added when using the Kinect while aiming
•Addressed exploits with the Strike Meter on Tournament Difficulty
•Adjusted voice commands while playing on Augusta when changing club to Putter
•Adjusted the Course Mastery to refresh after Pin purchases
•Correct Kinect navigation issues when pausing during a replay
•Fixed issue with long load times when creating a Photo Game Face