Patch Released for UEFA EURO 2012

Posted May 25th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

EA Sports has faced a great deal of criticism for their handling of the UEFA EURO 2012 add-on for FIFA 12. The concealment of the actual number of licensed teams included in the product justifies the resulting unrest and building distrust. Now the company has released a patch for EURO – and while it isn’t going to change perception towards the product at all it will hopefully improve the experience to an extent for those who purchased it and continue to play it by addressing some reported issues.

•Addressed occasional game freezes encountered in the Team Management screen.
•Fixed freezes occurring at the end of Expedition/Tournament/Kick Off matches.
•Users with Assisted controls will no longer be able to search for Manual games.
•Users will no longer be able to switch to the goalkeeper in Online Tournament mode.