Recent Madden NFL 13 News Heavily Influencing Perception and Purchase Plans

Posted June 22nd, 2012 at 11:15 am

EA Sports made big news at E3 with the reveal of a physics driven “Infinity Engine” for Madden NFL 13. That was then followed by details on the “Connected Careers” mode which may in the end turn out to be even more heralded and impactful than the physics.

What is clearly evident from the results of the recent poll which consisted of over 6K respondents is the info, impressions, and videos helped sway opinions significantly one way or the other. No previous poll displayed such a level of influence.

•61% Encouraged and more likely to buy
•17% Discouraged and less likely to buy
•16% No change and likely to buy
•6% No change and unlikely to buy

It’s no surprise that the recent developments resulted in a largely positive response. Physics had been a subject of contention for years and it was executed surprisingly well based on the hands-on reports and opportunity for others to see it in action. “Connected Careers” proved to have extensive depth and design foresight with a number of intriguing options and ways to play.

There was of course the disappointing news to come out of “Connected Careers” which centered primarily on the complete lack of player editing and inability to import draft classes from NCAA Football 13. Though ultimately it may be a small percentage of consumers that invest heavily in those features it has been shown to be an influential and vocal group. The ‘discouraged’ number represents a segment of consumers feeling let down for one reason or another yet again and that is an understandable sentiment.

Now only the coming demo could prove to sway opinions regarding Madden NFL 13 to a notable extent. The game appears to be in good shape and certainly better standing than NCAA 13. Whether that will ultimately lead to better sales, and if the somewhat higher expectations now will be met, of course remains to be seen.