End of Year Community Awards: Best Post-Release Support of 2016

Posted January 2nd, 2017 at 1:45 pm

The next category to open in the annual Community Awards is for Best Post-Release Support. EA Sports has undoubtedly provided the gold standard of post-release support for many of their licensed games over the years. The recent winners for the award are Madden NFL 16 and EA Sports UFC and both series are up for nomination again for the work done in 2016. They face a returning challenger that nearly pulled off an upset win in the category last year.

Madden NFL 17 has continued the trend of the franchise offering more than any other sports games post-release, whether that be adding features and new ways to play the game, consistent Ultimate Team content, weekly roster updates, and now even weekly commentary updates. Patches for M17 have addressed gameplay balancing, added Head-to-Head Seasons in UT, added Color Rush uniforms, and introduced new commentary lines to various modes.

EA Sports UFC 2 began with a huge roster of fighters but 12 more were still added to the game in the months that followed release. Post-release support for the sequel also provided new features for the Ultimate Team mode, introduced moves like the Stockton Slap to the game, and over a series of patches worked to better balance out the gameplay.

Rocket League receives its second consecutive nomination in the category. This year the game added a mode with power-ups, new arenas, and more vehicles. However its biggest move was to introduce a very fun basketball variant, which joined the standard soccer base that makes up the game and the hockey variant that was added in late 2015.

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