MyLeague Online in NBA 2K17 appears to be broken for in-progress leagues

Posted February 15th, 2017 at 4:15 pm

The numerous patches to go out recently for NBA 2K17 have attempted to address a variety of issues but in the process may have contributed to creating another one. In the days following the release of the patch this last weekend reports have begun to flow in through social media and sites such as Operation Sports and Reddit from users who have found their online leagues are no longer functioning properly. Whether this will ultimately be dealt with server side, or as another painfully large patch, remains to be seen but 2K is investigating the problem.

MyLeague Online allows for up to 30 individual players each controlling a team to play together through multiple seasons. Users involved are now reporting that game results and any moves made are no longer saving and leagues aren’t able to advance. This appears to be an issue relating only to pre-existing leagues and not ones that would be started now from scratch.