End of Year Community Awards: Best Presentation of 2013

Posted January 3rd, 2014 at 4:15 pm


Only a few more awards remain to be voted on in the 2013 Community Choice Awards and the latest is for Best Presentation. With a win NBA 2K would have a four-peat in the category but it faces a challenge from FIFA 14 and MLB 13: The Show.

NBA 2K14
Though largely the same as 2K13, minus some of the Jay-Z touches, 2K14 remained stellar in general presentation, commentary, and in-game atmosphere. The next-gen version also involved traversing through a story in MyCareer and bringing in conversations that lead to decision-making in MyGM. Arguably the most impressive addition was the on-court interviews that use actual audio of the players and coaches.

The fantastic commentary, bolstered by Match Day to keep things updated, was accompanied by improvements to camera shots and atmosphere particularly on Xbox One and PS4. All of which combined to make for tense and properly exhilarating or deflating moments.

MLB 13: The Show
Having long offered authentic presentation, and on-field atmospheric touches, MLB 13: The Show stepped things up this year with its Postseason Mode. It’s only downfall comes with the commentary which has been long overdue for a complete overhaul.

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  • buckeyeboi

    NBA 2K14 on the next-gen consoles has the best presentation and graphics hands down. Unfortunately there’s so many problems that plagues the game and it’s gameplay that it kills most of the joy of looking at such a beautiful game.

    • Casor_Greener

      MLB The Show presentation is over rated. that game is really just great gameplay with lackluster everything else

      • Keith.

        Huh? Set the pitcher cam to Broadcast view and, with all of the real time presentation going on, it’s just like watching a real game on TV. Can’t wait to see what they do with PS4.

        • Casor_Greener

          I don’t know Keith. Maybe I’ve just played way too much of The Show, to properly appreciate it but the presentation isn’t that special to me. After 2-3 games when I first buy it I switch to quick mode and skip over all that extra stuff unless I’m in the playoffs.

          • Keith.

            If you always play quick mode, I think that explains it right there. I’ve never played that mode (just don’t think a baseball game is meant to be played in 15 minutes), but I’m assuming all the presentation stuff is what’s cut out. If that’s the case, pretty hard to criticize the presentation that’s in the game but not being seen due to your playing in quick mode.

      • Skopin

        The presentation is phenomenal in The Show with the exception of the color commentary.

        • Keith.

          The color commentary is underrated in the Show, IMO. Sure, they’ve got 2 of the same 3 original announcers, but SO much commentary has been added over the years that you can be playing a season game in June and still be hearing commentary you’ve never heard before. I think it’s great stuff.

          • Skopin

            There is a lot there, and it absolutely has improved from where it was a few years ago, but it doesn’t flow well, and it doesn’t sound like they are in the booth together. In any case, Matt Vasgersian’s play-by-play is the best I’ve heard in any video game ever, without a doubt.

  • MoneyMayweather

    the show baby.

  • Keith.

    Current Gen = The Show
    Next Gen = NBA2k14

  • CSaint

    I voted FIFA, picked it up a week ago, and presentation was good.

  • Greg

    What? No Madden 25 or NBA Live 14? Now that’s not fair is it?