NBA and Madden Patch Updates

Posted November 4th, 2009 at 1:08 pm


The second patch for Madden 10 is in certification testing with MS and Sony. It is unclear when it started that process but it is reasonable to expect it to arrive by the middle of the month. Some of what is expected in the upcoming patch can be found here.

The patch for NBA 2K10 has been submitted to MS and Sony. If it clears through without any hiccups it should be out within the next two weeks. Details on what is expected from the patch can be found here. (Update: Out as of 11/6)

The first patch for NBA Live 10 that was released last week on the 360 has been approved by Sony and should be out this week (it could come at any time). The patch details can be found here. (Update: Out as of 11/5) A second patch is in the process of being submitted to MS and Sony. That patch will address some issues that were discovered after the release of the first patch. It sounds as though it will be out mid-late this month.