End of Year Community Awards: Most Disappointing Game of 2013

Posted January 7th, 2014 at 11:00 am


Only two categories remain in the Community Choice Awards and they are the big ones. Best Sports Game of the Year will go up later this week but attention turns now to the one award no series wants – Most Disappointing Game of the Year. The NCAA Football franchise “won” the category two straight years which set up a make-or-break release for it this year. It bounced back strong only to be cancelled due to legalities and feasibility.

The three titles nominated this year are unique in their standing. NBA 2K14 entered the new generation with the highest of expectations but design decisions have wrecked its perception and further damaged its brand. Madden NFL 25 on the previous generation failed to advance enough and in some ways regressed in gameplay and presentation. NBA Live 14 has been unable to capitalize on the window that has been opened by 2K14 as it failed to even reach even the lowest of consumer standards. Continue on for summaries of each, to vote in the poll, and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

NBA 2K14
While the game shines arguably more than any other in terms of gameplay and presentation, NBA 2K14 on the Xbox One and PS4 has fallen apart in unprecedented fashion since its release. An always-online design coupled with frequent server problems leaving consumers often unable to play the game, a damaging system of Virtual Currency, progress-halting bugs in MyGM, crippling online lag, and “Online Leagues” that would have been best just left out completely have made for a disastrous stretch no one anticipated.

Madden NFL 25
It has since become clear that the majority of resources were funneled to the next-gen version of Madden NFL 25 leaving the 360 and PS3 as a let down. Presentation continued as a distinct weakness particularly within Franchise mode, the gameplay felt chaotic with the physics engine somehow sloppier in its second year than when it debuted, and the Precision Modifier was a big miss and a feature that likely won’t last long in the series.

NBA Live 14
Though EA Sports vows to improve the product in the coming weeks and months the (very few) people who took the risk in purchasing the NBA Live 14 will be more difficult to convince to return to the series than if it had been cancelled like the last two efforts. Despite extremely low expectations Live can be considered a disappointment due to its unacceptable visuals, troubled gameplay, unsettling online performance, vanilla modes, and the omission of tutorials and a practice gym.

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  • Keith.

    Next gen Madden received only 12% of the OS Readers’ vote for Next Gen Sports Game of the Year. Given that we live in an NFL country, and they supposedly spent 2 years making next gen Madden, I really don’t know how it can get any more disappointing than that.

    Unless you’re talking about Live, which had 3 years worth of development time and still turned out like a$$.

    • hurtNom

      and 70% of people said the problems with 2k14 will affect whether they buy 2K15 or not. id say thats more disappointing lol

      • Keith.

        NBA 2k14 will be on the Top 10 monthly sales chart until June, if prior years are any indication. By the time NBA 2k15 rolls around in October, these troubles in early January will be nothing but a distant memory.

        • Skopin
        • PPerfect_CJ

          May be a distant memory to the company (although I sure hope not), but definitely not one to the consumer.

          • Keith.

            You’re point assumes consumers are smart. A game as bad as Madden still manages to sell 3+ million copies a year. A game that looks and plays as good as 2k15 undoubtedly will is going to sell just fine.

          • Skopin

            Looks, yes. Plays? Well if you can get into the game at all, then connect to the servers, then look past the multitude of legacy issues…I suppose it might play ok.

            Say what you will about Madden, but the game is playable online and offline, and microtransactions are limited to one mode where it should be.

          • PPerfect_CJ

            From what I’ve heard, it barely plays AT ALL. I played it safe and stuck with the PS3 version for this year, because it kept all of the features that I like and it’s a really good game. I’ll wait and see if they’ve learned their lesson with 2k15, but having the RED MC Editor makes it a lot easier to pass on a new game.

          • Keith.

            “From what I’ve heard…” — right there’s the problem.

      • jr

        Keith would get fired if he bothered acknowledging 2k14 failure to deliver outside of looks

    • jr

      Customer are receiving full refunds for a disappointing next gen 2k14 game Keith. Face it. The game is broken. Just because you claim to not be experiencing any issues, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. Also I posted a picture the other day where there were 2 Elton brands were having a conversation with each other during a practice in my career. Please explain how such a perfect game can have such a glitch

      • Not A Glitch

        That wasn’t a glitch. That was a scripted cutscene representing the internal conflict occurring within Brand during practice as he was coming to appreciate with the meaning of his existence. Haven’t you ever seen the Jordan vs. Jordan commercial?

        • jr

          Lmao that was a glitch dude. No way to justify that

    • Nathan Shane Long

      You are so wrong NBA Live 14 development cycle began November 2012 they did not have three years of development which you and alot other idiots think is the case and Madden next gen had a 12 month cycle as well

      • Skopin

        I remember reading somewhere (or hearing in an interview) that they were working on Madden 12 for almost two years.

        • Nathan Shane Long

          I will tell you this just by looking at Madden 25 next gen it is very much a blatant COPY&PASTE NEXT GEN PORT JOB so you should know that next gen Madden 25 had the same development cycle as current gen Madden

          • In areas like presentation maybe, and the graphics aren’t as spectacular as maybe you’d expect, but the gameplay is significantly improved. That doesn’t mean I think Madden is where it should be…but the PS4/XB1 version is way better than 360/PS3.

          • Nathan Shane Long

            Tell me what is improved? run blocking is still far too overpowered every “outside” run play is an automatic 4+yards or better run defense is nonexistent and defensive front 7 just aren’t programmed to stop the run pass defense is still a joke the only thing the improved was pass blocking with actual “pockets” being form by offensive lines

          • Iown You

            “but the PS4/XB1 version is way better than 360/PS3.”

            Better, yes. But way better? Way?


          • Well I thought the 360/PS3 was fairly terrible gameplay wise, so thoroughly enjoying the PS4/One version is a dramatic difference. That’s not saying I’m completely satisfied with it…cause I’m far from that still and as a total package it didn’t earn its way into my top three sports games of the year. It probably would have been fifth or sixth.

          • Iown You

            Before a generation turns over, developers have to get dev kits for the new console from the console maker. You usually get them somewhere around 18-24 months before the company announces its launch lineup, giving you a good lead time to develop your game if you want to be a part of that lineup. In Tiburon’s case, they simply made the decision at some point over the last couple years to translate their base code and then tandem develop M25 as a long-term plan to port it to XB1/PS4. Madden is a game that carries a ton of legacy code (some of which is ancient but familiar to them) so once they were able to get a foothold with it with the dev kits back in, say, Late 2011, early 2012, early 2013 at the latest, it would’ve been a lot easier for them to then finish out with a tandem development of the upcoming M25, which is what apparently they did since we can see the port.

            The question is not whether or not Tiburon had that time period to work on the game, we know they did. The question is, what the hell did they actually do with it? From seeing and playing the final product, they didn’t do anywhere near what we’d expect from a next gen game with that much lead time, and therein lies the problem. But what they did do was feed us a few fake trailers. Here is the big one:


    • Check84

      LOL…my lord…give it up man. 2k has made a quality game for a few years now but this year it’s TRASH. Your constant bashing EA and standing up for 2K just makes you look like such a tool, it’s HILARIOUS…

    • BasedAsian

      I gave my vote for 2k14 because I expected it to be great and for a short while it was but that was before i got into My GM mode and was left completely dissapointed. I expected madden and nba live to be crap and they were. Just because 2k is the most dissapointing game doesn’t mean i think it’s the worst game.

  • Hendy

    For me, it’s easily NBA 2K14. Sure, it’s a better game than both Madden and Live, but that doesn’t mean its less disappointing. I expected Live to be a POS and I expected Madden to be mediocre. But what left me most disappointed this year was that I also expected 2K to put out a basketball game that was as playable as it is pretty.

    • Keith.

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but I’ll never understand why so many people are willing to give Madden a pass just because they “expected it to be mediocre.” Weren’t the last 9 years of mediocrity enough for you? Moving to a new generation of consoles was the ONE chance we had of the talent-less hacks at Tiburon introducing a new gameplay engine. And they had 2-3 years of dev time to do it. Instead, we got something that even Skopin acknowledges was a “cut and paste” job from last gen’s lousy offering.

      Guess what — by not calling out Tiburon on boards like this, you can count on many more years of mediocrity to come. At least you won’t be disappointed when it happens, I guess. SMH

      • Skopin

        adjective: disappointing

        1.failing to fulfill someone’s hopes or expectations.

        It’s not about the overall quality in general. It’s about the quality versus the expectation. If you’re expecting mediocrity, and you get mediocrity, then you can’t be disappointed. If you’re expecting greatness, and you get mediocrity or worse, then you will be disappointed.

  • Details

    I voted 2K14. I expected Live to be bad so I can’t categorize it as disappointing. Madden on the other hand was surprisingly a little better than I expected. I was initially blown away when I popped in 2K14 for the 1st time on my PS4, but sure enough when the wow factor of the graphics wore off the game started to show its ugly side smh. I was willing to cut 2K some slack being that this is a launch game, but the bad is starting to out weigh the good for me. We all know the multiple documented issues that the game has (servers, VC, etc..) but I’m noticing a lot of flaws with the gameplay as well which is the main reason I voted it most disappointing. I was willing to put up with some of the legacy issues as long as the gameplay was rock solid but the more I play the more overrated the gameplay is becoming. There’s still too much foot sliding (I want to see it completely removed for Next Gen), dribble animations still get stuck in mid air when doing certain sudden moves, rebounding is still suspect, too many uninterruptible animations, etc…These are all issues that I could look past on last gen but I have higher expectations for Next Gen & these issues ruin the experience for me. Let’s face it, the more realistic the graphics get, the more these gameplay flaws are going to stand out. I really hope they get it together for 2K15.

    • Keith.

      Impressed by Madden and let down by 2k14? SMH — what’s this world coming to?

      • Details

        It’s called being fair & objective Keith. I’ve often agreed with your stance on Madden & I’ve followed this site for years but you gotta let it go man lol. I’ve been a huge critic of Madden over the years but I’m also a fair minded person that looks at things objectively. Madden has been trash for years & we’ve all been robbed of competition which sucks, I’ll be the 1st to admit that. After seeing the trailers for Madden 25 Next Gen I expected that trend to continue. I got the game as part of the Target buy 2 get 1 free deal so I decided to give it a shot. Much to my surprise the game plays solid. I hated Madden 25 on current gen but Next Gen is a different animal. Is the game where it needs to be? Not at all, but for the 1st time since Madden 05 I haven’t traded it in yet which is saying a lot lol. I get that you hate Tiburon & they can do nothing right in your eyes, but it is what it is at this point. No other company is making an NFL game any time soon as much as we all want it. So to you Keith I say take off the blinders & give it a rest my man. Madden is finally starting to get things right. Better late than never! And yes I’m enjoying Madden 25 more than 2K14. Oh no the world ending lol!

        • Keith.

          Ain’t just me, man, even though it seems that way at times. If you’ve been playing Madden that long, then you’re familiar with guys like LBRules and other long time football vets who — like me — think Tiburon’s still nowhere close.

          You can choose to throw up your arms and accept mediocrity if you want, but I’m not about to. My parents didn’t raise me to just smile and find a way to like it when someone sticks a $hit sandwich in my mouth. So you stick to complaining about VC and whatever other problems you have with 2k14, and I’ll stay on EA’s/Tiburon’s ass until we get a true next generation football game, one that makes me completely forget about 2k5, APF2k8 and BackBreaker, fair enough?

          • Skopin

            “You can choose to throw up your arms and accept mediocrity if you want, but I’m not about to. My parents didn’t raise me to just smile and find a way to like it when someone sticks a $hit sandwich in my mouth.”

            And yet we see you here, every day, just gobbling up NBA 2k14…

          • Details

            “Accept mediocrity”? LMAO if you say so. Because I said Madden has improved on Next Gen I’m accepting mediocrity? It’s funny how you interpret words lol. I clearly stated Madden is not where it needs to be, all I said is that it’s solid. That doesn’t mean I think the game is great. I’ve bashed Madden over the years just as much as anybody but I except mediocrity? Lmao! Sorry if you get your panties in a bunch if someone says anything positive about Madden. That’s a you problem lol. Don’t make general assumptions Keith. As far as 2K14, I only state the obvious issues with the game that need to be addressed unlike you who can see no wrong with it smh. Acting like the game is flawless does nothing but take pressure off the devs & gives them no incentive to improve if anything smh. So you stick to pointing out sales numbers, stocks, & being a blind EA hater while us objective fair minded people have logical discussions without trolling, fair enough?

          • Keith.

            These are your own words from this thread:

            “Madden on the other hand was surprisingly a little better than I expected.”

            “Is the game where it needs to be? Not at all, but for the 1st time since Madden 05 I haven’t traded it in yet which is saying a lot lol.”

            “I get that you hate Tiburon & they can do nothing right in your eyes, but it is what it is at this point. No other company is making an NFL game any time soon as much as we all want it.”

            “I clearly stated Madden is not where it needs to be, all I said is that it’s solid. That doesn’t mean I think the game is great.”

            Sounds an awful lot like “accepting mediocrity” to me, but you can go ahead and call it whatever you want.

          • Skopin

            Hey, Keith. I was just wondering if you were going to respond to my post with multiple examples of PS4/XB1 2k14 showing the same issues as the PS3/360 version? You know, the one where I said the game was a port and you got all upset with me because the clip I posted under was from last gen? I noticed that you’ve posted multiple time since I posted that, but you seem to have missed that one.

  • PPerfect_CJ

    I voted 2K14 just because of the next gen problems. It’s a GREAT game on PS3, tho, in my opinion. Kept all of the features that I enjoy.

  • God

    I had no expectations of nba live so I wouldn’t say I’m dissapointed. Current Gen madden takes the cake for me.

  • Pacoheadley

    Everyone knew Live would be terrible to start.
    Madden wasn’t great, but it was a pleasant surprise to me, I only got it because of the Target deal, and I’ve actually enjoyed it at times.
    NBA 2K, on the other hand, I just sold because of the VC, always online, and because of massive glitches and unplayability in MyGM and MyCareer.(not only game not loading, but terrible AI, or playing entire 2nd halves every game in Career as a 77 overall)

  • BZE

    No contest its NBA 2K14

  • buckeyeboi

    Online-wise is next-gen NBA 2K14 But the worst far as gameplay and presentation definitely goes to NBA Live 14.

  • jr

    Please explain this Keith. I’m dying to read what bullshit you say against EA to defend this


  • jr
    • Skopin

      This is why I laugh when anyone says 2k14 was not a port in terms of on-court gameplay. Everything is pretty much the same as current gen on the court except the graphics.

      • Keith.

        You’re an idiot, Skopin. If you click on the link jr posted, it shows the video was published on October 1, 2013, meaning (since you’re slow), it’s 2k14 on PS3/360, and not PS4/XBone. But that would go against your 2k vendetta I suppose, now wouldn’t it?

        Nothing like letting facts get in the way of your argument.

        • Skopin

          I said from the first two-minute gameplay clip they showed that it looked like the legacy issues were still there. But you’re right. That particular clip is from last gen 2k14. How about these:




          Those are just a few examples. They’re all 2k14 on PS4/XB1. But they look awfully similar to the current gen clip, do they not? Of course, you wouldn’t bother citing any examples like this since it would go against your 2k sack-riding I suppose, now wouldn’t it?

          Nothing like ignoring evidence that counters your own argument.

          • jr

            He still hasn’t bothered to acknowledge the pic that I posted with 2 Elton brands talking to each other, which was taken on PS4

          • Skopin

            It was probably your bad internet connection that caused the glitch.

          • jr

            Ha. 30 Gbps. Please stop trying to justify bullshit. I have taken several pictures but I own a iPhone 5s now and didn’t transfer the pics over

          • jr

            I meant 30 mbps. There needs to be a vote to change the posting system on this site lol

          • Skopin

            Keith.? Are you there? Hello?

      • jr

        Only a complete moron would believe it’s an entirely new game. Not gonna call any names out but
        We all know who he is

  • Ross

    Honorable Mention: MLB 2K14

    • BCYa

      You mean MLB 2K13, right? I honestly think it was a pretty fun game. But the fact it was a 60 dollar roster update was insane. Thankfully, I didn’t get

      2K12 or 2K11, so it was a little bit fresher for me.

  • ChicagoBear

    It has to be NBA 2k14, It looks pretty damn good but thats about it. Half of the features are missing and the carry on with the servers.

  • Skopin

    I voted for Madden. It’s just not as much as an improvement over the current gen version as I was hoping for.

    I haven’t played next gen 2k14, since there’s no demo for it, so I can’t comment on whether or not it’s disappointing. Current gen 2k14 is not very good, though, at least the PC version. Live actually exceeded my expectations in every area except visuals, and I’m having fun with it. I wasn’t overexpecting, so maybe that’s why I’m enjoying it.

    But with Madden it’s almost a copy and paste, with the exception of the run game. The pocket formation is better as well, but it’s still not as much as an improvement as I was hoping for. Hopefully next year will lead to a bigger improvement.

    • Details

      I hear you on Madden but Live exceeded your expectations in every way except visuals? Really? I understand you’re having fun with it & that’s cool but your expectations must of been REALLY low going in lol.

      • Keith.

        Skopin’s a guy who used to get on 2K’s nut sack about its roster updates. Before Live came out, its devs fraudulently promised that roster updates and player accessories, etc., would be updated within an hour of the games taking place. OS has a great article quoting the EA devs with their own pre-release lies — and yet Skopin isn’t even disappointed with that aspect of the game…LoL


        • Skopin

          The rosters not being up to date is an issue, and without a doubt, something they need to deliver on, but it doesn’t make the game any less playable. There are plenty of issues with the game that need to be fixed. I never said there weren’t.

          See how I can admit there are issues with a game I enjoy playing? Why can’t you do the same? It’s funny that you’re now calling out EA’s lack of roster updates, even though 2k’s rosters were over a month old at one point. And your response to that:

          “Hey Pasta, enough with this roster nonsense — we all know that 2K will have ’em updated soon.”

          So we can talk about rosters when it goes against EA, but not against 2k? The level of hypocrisy in every one of your posts is astonishing. EA could have released NBA 2k14 and you would say it’s garbage. At the same time, 2k could release NBA Live 06 in a 2k15 box and you would claim it’s the most amazing thing ever created.

      • Skopin

        I guess I should reword to *almost every way lol. My expectations were not incredibly low, but realistically low. I knew it wasn’t going to be the be all and end all of basketball games, and wasn’t holding it to that standard. But there are a lot of things it does very well, better than I was expecting. The AI is great for the most part (after the few updates they have released; out of the box and in the demo, not so much), with the exception of some hiccups like players getting hit in the face with the ball lol. But it doesn’t happen often.

        It has a long way to go, and I expect a lot of improvement for Live 15 but speaking strictly from an NBA basketball standpoint, it has the fundamentals down. It’s not always the prettiest thing to look at, but it ‘feels’ more like a real NBA game than any other game I’ve played, in terms of how both my own teammates and the defense react and move. Once you learn the controls, and understand that it’s not going to play like 2k does, it’s very rewarding. Like I said, it has a lot of work to do without a doubt, but I’m glad I bought it.

        • Details

          Fair enough lol

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Pasta how is this even a question of course it’s next gen 2K14 a game that was so hyped up it had AMAZING graphics&visuals it look like “real life” the most popular sports game in america and it’s has been a absolute joke since launch with all the bugs,glitches,issues and the worst servers in the business not to mention the game F’N CRASHES the game is BROKEN and without being connected online 80% of the game is rendered useless

  • Brian

    Next Gen Madden was who we thought they were, a la Tony Romo. NBA Live was like the St. Louis Rams. Did we have a slither of hope? Sure. But realistically, who other than the HipHop Gamer really expected to be blown away? But NBA2K, to me, was like getting hyped to see Peyton Manning square off against Drew Brees in the Super Bowl, and tune in midway through the first to see Luke McCown and Brock Osweiler. I’ve haven’t been so disappointed in a game since I got NBA 09 The Inside instead of 2K for Christmas.

  • jr


    I’m working with you to get the news out regarding NBA 2k14’s problems Keith. Help me out please. I can’t do this alone. Lmmfao

  • pastamepasta

    pasta put an option that says all the above

  • CSaint

    Does this even need a voting poll? Hands down has to be NBA 2K14. I don’t have Madden and Live didn’t have hopes to begin with.

  • Bieberkinz

    NBA 2K14 is a more worse letdown than Live. All that hype was too much, sure Live sucks, but at least they weren’t plagued by server problems, VC problems, and all that.

    Key words here are: Most Disappointing, not Most Terrible.

    I think everyone knew Live wasn’t gonna do so hot.

  • Homey

    Um there should be a little bit more clarity about what constitutes “disappointing game”. The GAMEPLAY of NBA 2K14 is EXCELLENT. What you are talking about are BUGS and Online Performance. Don’t get it twisted. People weren’t disappointed by the essence of a sports game — GAMEPLAY. They were disappointed by servers and functionality. That distinction should be pointed out. Btw this an EA Blog or something?

    • Keith.


    • swimfunk

      I’m disappointed by the broken online leagues. When you buy a game for a mode and it clearly is broken I am disappointed as I just paid money for nothing.

      Pretty cut and dry there.

    • Details

      I’m actually disappointed in the gameplay also lol. Maybe I expected better but a lot of the legacy issues from current gen still exist (sliding, canned animations, dribbles getting stuck in mid air, poor rebounding, etc..) I’m a huge 2K fan but lets not act like their gameplay is flawless because it’s far from it.

      • Keith.

        Doesn’t Madden have legacy issues of its own? I read somewhere that there are something like 95 different penalties in the real NFL, and Madden has only like 14 of them in the game. Been that way for years, along with a host of other longstanding problems that have been well documented. Most of us got into sports games to play football in the first place — so why does Tiburon continue to get a free pass year after year?

        • Skopin

          I’m sorry, did you say something about the rules not being implemented properly?


          • Keith.

            LoL — I saw where you posted 19 videos on YouTube back in October pointing out supposed flaws with NBA 2k14 — even though you freely admit you don’t have the game (except on pc — and who knows what NBA2k is even like on pc…LoL).

            And you think I’m pathetic?


          • Skopin

            I’m not seeing your point. Are you saying the videos I posted weren’t real? Or wait, the version of the game that I have isn’t the same as any other version? I just happened to get the one broken copy? You can dismiss it all you want but the fact remains that your favorite game has major issues that have gone unaddressed for years, even with the fancy new engine.

          • Bieberkinz

            Current Gen 2K14 > Next Gen 2K14.

            At least I can create things in Current Gen… And PC mods make the amount of things Next gen to shame. And it’s a better offline experience.

            How do you like 2K’s choice to use repeated lookalikes for Players? And not create them and update them over the air?

            Roster updates, another thing 2K sucks in. Lack of accuracy and lack of real likeness. And false advertising… Remember “Real Dynamic Rosters powered by STATS, Inc.”?

        • Details

          Huh? Did I say anything about Madden? My response was strictly about 2K14 smh. You’re trying too hard Keith lol. It’s starting to become kind of sad & predictable. As soon as someone says anything negative about 2K your typical response is “but but but Madden sucks, Live sucks, sales are declining, blah blah…You’re better than that Keith. Come on man! And yes Madden still has issues…you’re preaching to the choir lol.

          • Keith.

            My point was you said you were disappointed with the gameplay of 2k14 because of “legacy issues.” Yet, you’re not disappointed with Madden’s gameplay notwithstanding a host of “legacy issues.” Seemed strange to me, that’s all.

          • Skopin

            Madden has legacy issues for sure, but there is noticeable improvement (line interaction, for example). 2k’s legacy issues are holding strong, with no discernible differences.

          • jbl72

            Wait you haven’t played nor do you own Madden so by your own logic you shouldn’t say anything about it.

  • IX

    I voted for 2k14, which is sad because it had the most potential of all of these. I didnt expect much from Madden, but after having tweaking of sliders, accelerated clock, and quarter times, i have fun playing and get a relatively realistic experience. NEVER expected anything from Live and was not impressed with the demo. NBA 2K14, between all the crashes and being booted to the dashboard, hoops to jump through to actually enjoy MyGm, i find it thoroughly frustrating to play. Everyone says get free VC from the app, which would be nice but for android it seems like something is broken on the app on a daily basis. Either Pick and Win doesnt work or it wont sign in or the app keeps crashing. But bottom line one should not need VC to perform half the crap in MyGm in the first place. Pay VC to set rotations, Pay VC to set prices for the Arena, Pay VC to unlock a GM ability that i have to Pay more VC to actually use, I hate that i cant call a simple ISO like 2k13, i hate that i cant set individual defensive matchups like 2k13, one person sag off other guy play tight etc. i hate that i cant see my players stats by hitting d-pad up like in 2k13 or their energy level like 2k13. I would have been happier with 2k13 updated graphics for next gen and a roster update. NBA 2K14 feels like an Alpha that need 6 more months of work.

  • swimfunk

    To me it isn’t even close…. NBA2K14, I bought the game for online leagues, not some money grabbing my player game. 2K spent all this time getting half time player interviews but they couldn’t spend 1 hour on leagues. I was so hyped to get this gm and equally disappointed once I got it,

  • JKE

    How embarrassing for 2K. Polygon dropped their review score to 5. LOL. Shame it doesnt change on Metacritic.


  • mbm

    I voted for NBA 2K14 only because the game got great reviews and it’s been a completely unplayable mess for almost 2 months. Nobody had any expectations for NBA Live ’14, and while Madden has very few improvements, I didn’t have high expectations for it.