MLB 10: The Show Getting Patch Tomorrow

Posted March 17th, 2010 at 4:27 pm

SCEA has announced that a second patch for MLB 10: The Show will be released tomorrow. It includes fixes intended to address some of the issues pointed out by the community including ones experienced in franchise mode and intentional walks causing freezes online.

While we won’t know if this patch was quickly created in response to some of the backlash that came after stating work wouldn’t start on it until the end of the month, all that matters is that it is being delivered in a timely fashion and everyone should be pleased with that. Continue on to view the changes arriving in the patch and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Fixed issue with the auto-fix feature in rosters not working correctly all the time when a downloaded roster was used.
  • Fixed issue to accurately show the number of games in progress when looking at the game/lobby room list.
  • Fixed issue causing players placed on trade waivers to not be withdrawn if claimed by a user controlled team (offline season).
  • Fixed issues with attendance.
  • Make sure players placed on release waivers retain their contracts until they clear waivers.
  • Allow teams to send down a reliever and keep 2 closers on the roster.
  • Only allow the CPU to trade a player once per season.
  • Unranked Online Games should not count towards points, win/loss nor stats.
  • Fixed issue causing trades to be offered by the user’s team even when set to MANUAL trades.
  • Fix catcher throw decisions when AUTOTHROWING is on
  • Create a player gets additional stances/deliveries
  • Scout challenge from certain locations addressed.
  • Intentional walk Online gameplay issue addressed.
  • Merged Sounds of the show fix. Fix for overflow problem when storing more than 255 songs. This is referring to storing the songs in a playlist.
  • Exiting chatroom fix after completing the game.
  • Fixed bug with ball warping into fielder’s glove from the outfield on a line drive.
  • Fix exiting Bullpen issue.
  • Addressed issue with large attendance numbers being displayed properly.
  • Fixed bug causing position players to be in the bullpen leading to an issue in franchise and career mode.