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  • The Daily Dish for 10/20/14
    Posted October 20th, 2014 at 6:00 pm 1 Comment »


    In today’s episode of The Daily Dish there’s a summary of details on the latest patch for FIFA 15, a revisiting of the NBA 2K15 server situation which continues to disrupt experiences with the game for many, and mention of the new Press Row Hangout in which the panel discusses a variety of topics including the digital and “always-online” future of gaming that companies are attempting to push towards despite some consumers protesting the ideas.

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    Referenced in the video
    ♦Press Row Hangout: The Future of Gaming
    ♦NBA 2K15 Server Problems Continue
    ♦Second Patch for FIFA 15 Already Here

  • Second Patch Already Here for FIFA 15
    Posted October 20th, 2014 at 3:00 pm 2 Comments »


    To the surprise of many a new patch for FIFA 15 went out today. It was unexpected if only for the timing – the first patch went out last Tuesday. It’s available now on PS4 and expected out on Xbox One likely tomorrow.

    This update doesn’t appear to be one that incorporates a great deal of community feedback and usually that doesn’t come around until early-mid November. Already there are some complaints about the lack of fouls being seen post-patch which many seem to feel has been reduced when the game really needed to increase them if anything. Otherwise there are some notably positive changes to areas like goalkeeping and the Legendary difficulty setting.

    ♦Adjustments and improvements to shooting and goalkeepers.
    ♦Added ability to call out the keeper in Pro Clubs.
    ♦Fix for instances where Player Instructions in Seasons mode were not carrying over into gameplay via Team Management.
    ♦Further improvements to Player Search in Career Mode.
    ♦Adjusted Legendary difficulty in gameplay.
    ♦Improvements to Goal Line Technology.
    ♦Fix for match length issues in FIFA Ultimate Team Single Player Seasons matches.
    ♦Updated real-world injuries and suspensions in Match Day Live.
    ♦Improvements to ‘Looking Ahead’ audio in Career.
    ♦Fixes to Player selection in Team Management in multiplayer matches.
    ♦Tuned player specific audio speech in all modes.
    ♦(PS4) Fix for fans experiencing stuttering during online and offline gameplay.
    ♦(XB1) Improvements to motion blur effects.
    ♦(XB1) Fix to display of FUT Legend players in the EASFC widget.

  • Press Row Hangout: The Future of Gaming
    Posted October 20th, 2014 at 10:00 am 3 Comments »


    In the latest Press Row Hangout the panel reexamines opinions on the “digital-future” of gaming (28:25), as well as the effect that a game going completely or primarily “always-online” such as NBA 2K15 and Driveclub has on consumers (43:43). In addition there’s discussion on whether a subscription model for sports games still seems plausible (1:21:19), thoughts on the lack of a demo for NBA Live 15 (1:03:26), and our continued experiences with games like Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15, and MLB 14: The Show (opening segment).

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  • The Line Drive for October 19
    Posted October 19th, 2014 at 1:15 pm 3 Comments »


    The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

    ♦Madden NFL 15 is still available for $40 on Xbox One and $45 on PS4.
    ♦Details on a new gameplay tuner update that has gone out for NHL 15.
    ♦The first roster update since release has finally arrived for NHL 15.
    ♦EA Sports released a video showing some defensive improvements for NBA Live 15.
    ♦EA Sports detailed what to expect from Synergy Sports integration in NBA Live 15.
    ♦Madden NFL 15 (#2) and FIFA 15 (#3) trailed only Destiny in NA September sales.
    ♦The soundtrack for WWE 2K15 has been announced as put together by John Cena.
    ♦The latest Press Row Podcast is all about the racing games.
    ♦Check out the latest episode of Breaking Madden.
    ♦Yahoo Fantasy Football has finally been added to the Xbox One NFL app.
    ♦Check out the soundboard for every NHL arena’s goal horn at this website.
    ♦Check out details on the upcoming PS4 system update.
    ♦Continue to support ThatSportsGamer’s Extra Life charity drive!
    ♦Blu-ray releases this week include The Purge: Anarchy and Sex Tape.

  • NBA 2K15 Server Problems Continue
    Posted October 18th, 2014 at 1:45 pm 32 Comments »


    NBA 2K15 has been out for nearly two weeks now but the troublesome servers continue to disrupt the game for many. Not only has access to the various modes been denied due to the servers being down but consumers are finding themselves with Virtual Currency that has vanished (which is essentially money stolen away by 2K Sports), MyTeam progress/purchases that have been lost, and MyPlayers that have disappeared (some of which have been replaced with someone else’s created player).

    Not everyone is having trouble but enough people are to warrant some response from 2K about action they are taking. Operation Sports wrote about it all today as well.

    It’s distressing for everyone and as evidenced by the recent poll results, which saw more people deem their experience with 2K15 as “negative” than “positive”, the achilles’ heel of the series is no longer something 2K can ignore. It was one thing when online play was poor but became a completely different deal when they designed NBA 2K to essentially be an “always-online” game with almost all modes tied into the servers due to Virtual Currency.

    The patch that is coming soon will address among other things being booted from MyPark. However patches generally aren’t used to address server issues, those are handled internally, unless there is a bug of sorts that required fixing first. 2K has struggled to fix server issues in the past and post-release support in general has been insufficient. So it would be misguided to expect that everything will suddenly start working properly once that patch arrives.

  • The Daily Dish for 10/17/14
    Posted October 17th, 2014 at 5:30 pm No Comments »


    Closing out the week in The Daily Dish is an examination of the NBA 2K15 poll results which show there’s a fair level of dissatisfaction due to issues with the game, the latest Madden NFL 15 roster update, and a preview of tonight’s live Press Row Hangout.

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    Referenced in the video
    ♦NBA 2K15 Poll Results
    ♦Madden NFL 15 Roster Update
    ♦Tonight’s Press Row Hangout Event Page

  • Madden NFL 15 Roster Update #8 Details
    Posted October 17th, 2014 at 11:30 am 13 Comments »


    The Cowboys are the biggest beneficiary of the latest Madden NFL 15 roster update which follows week six of the season. 16 players move up at least a point for the now 5-1 team. Check out the spreadsheet with the full list of details here.

    Players receiving a significant boost in ratings include Darrelle Revis (+1 to 97), Rob Gronkowski (+1 to 96), Trent Williams (+1 to 96), Marshal Yanda (+1 to 96), Demaryius Thomas (+1 to 95), DeMarco Murray (+1 to 95), Brandon Marshall (+1 to 95), Devin McCourty (+1 to 95), Philip Rivers (+1 to 95), Matt Forte (+1 to 95), LeSean McCoy (+1 to 94), Andrew Luck (+2 to 93), Arian Foster (+1 to 93), Tom Brady (+1 to 92), Cam Newton (+1 to 92), T.Y. Hilton (+3 to 89), Joe Flacco (+2 to 88), DeAndre Levy (+2 to 88), Ezekiel Ansah (+4 to 84), Rolando McClain (+3 to 84), and Mohamed Sanu (+5 to 81).

    Among those sliding after this week’s performances are Gerald McCoy (-1 to 96), Earl Thomas (-1 to 95), Robert Quinn (-1 to 94), Lavonte David (-1 to 93), Julio Jones (-1 to 93), Vernon Davis (-2 to 92), Matt Prater (-3 to 90), Russell Wilson (-1 to 92), Troy Polamalu (-1 to 92), Patrick Peterson (-1 to 89), Brian Cushing (-3 to 87), and Nate Solder (-3 to 85).

  • Issues Having Large Impact on Experiences With NBA 2K15
    Posted October 17th, 2014 at 10:00 am 16 Comments »


    Just how many people feel their enjoyment of NBA 2K15 has been damaged by issues primarily related to the servers? It turns out it’s a large amount based on the poll posted earlier this week which helped to quantify the distress being shown on social media and forums.

    From over 5K respondents those describing their experience with NBA 2K15 as a negative one (30%) outnumbered those that feel it has been a positive one (27%). That’s a serious concern for 2K Sports coming off 2K14 which generated similar reaction.  Read more

  • The Daily Dish for 10/16/14
    Posted October 16th, 2014 at 6:45 pm No Comments »


    Two central topics in this Daily Dish episode as EA Sports decides against offering a pre-release demo for NBA Live 15 and the mobile version of NBA 2K15 goes out for iOS and Amazon Fire devices – but otherwise not yet available for Android. Also a preview of the next Press Row Hangout which is scheduled for Friday night at 11ET/8PT.

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    Referenced in the video
    ♦Friday Night’s Press Row Hangout Event Page
    ♦No Pre-Release Demo for NBA Live 15
    ♦NBA 2K15 for Mobile Released

  • Mobile NBA 2K15 Game Available Now
    Posted October 16th, 2014 at 3:15 pm No Comments »


    The mobile version of NBA 2K15 released today for iOS devices and Amazon Fire devices. It’s unclear when, or even if, it will be brought to Google Play for all other Android devices. There may be some sort of timed exclusivity for Amazon here. Last year though NBA 2K14 did go out several weeks after iOS.

    This is not to be confused with the free MyNBA2K15 companion app which offers up the ability to get daily bonus VC, chat while in MyPark, and play a card battle game. NBA 2K15 offers traditional on-court gameplay and a new MyCareer mode.

    ♦Enjoy Quick Game mode with improved gameplay.
    ♦Full MyCAREER mode with expanded features and options.
    ♦New controller support and virtual controller sizing.
    ♦Significantly improved graphics including updates to arenas, player models, player animations, and more!

    2K continues to offer premium mobile apps as opposed to going the free-to-play route. Some will prefer this though user-reviews of the mobile NBA 2K’s in recent years have been poor-to-mediocre, which makes shelling out $8 a bit of a risk that wouldn’t be required with the other model. NHL 2K which returns to mobile later this fall will also be $8.

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